Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This is for all you people who think we don't need healthcare reform:

Excuse my french but F*** you. Right in the ear.

My deductable for having this baby is $5,000. That's right 5 large. Almost half of my yearly salary. NOT to mention the $186 I pay monthly just to have the insurance. And that doesn't even include ultrasounds, blood work, or lab tests. It doesn't include Brandon, or our unborn child. NO. That's just for ME.

Now Brandon has been paying for his own health insurance through the Reserves. Not much, but enough anyways. And guess what? He hasn't gone to the Doctor once in over two years. And when the going got tough, and we thought we were going to lose our house? Well we payed the most important bills first. (You know like the ones that keep us fed and sheltered?) So the insurance bill got neglected. Irresponsible? Sure. Understandable? Completely.

Except. Except!

That now, because the bill became 30 days past due, NEITHER of us qualify for Tricare insurance. FOR A YEAR.

Tricare. The insurance that would allow us to pay less than I pay for myself a month, for our whole family. Tricare that has no deductables. Tricare that covers all of my ultrasounds and blood work. NOPE. We can't have it because we ran into financial difficulty and did what anyone would have done.

Want to know the real kicker??

We don't qualify for Medicaid. We make too much.

So what do I do now? Quit my job so that I can afford to have my baby? Does anyone else see how ridiculous that is? Because we both work full time, we can't get government assistance??

This is WRONG. This needs to change.


  1. Well, you're not going to get healthcare reform. What you are going to get is a law requiring you to shell out half your income for insurance that only pays 1/3 the cost of healthcare. Guess you'll vote next time, eh hippy...

    I know what you're going through; sorry friend :(

  2. I did vote! I'm moving to Sweden. :p

  3. Emily and I have been sharing a few good laughs because we totally understand what you guys are going through. And, we just want to say good luck and welcome to (soon-to-be) parenthood!


  4. Oh yeah, I know what you mean. I don't know about where you are, but NM has daycare assistance. BUT, if you have two working parents, you don't qualify because you make too much. But if one parent is at home you don't qualify because there is a parent at home. I would love to get Summer into some kind of educational program (aka "daycare") but because Dan is at home with the kids full time I have to pay $400.00+/month. Isn't Gonvernment WONDERFUL!!!

  5. It is so ridiculous and hard! We'll make it, there's just LOTS of budgeting in our future. Losing Brandon's healthcare was a big blow. :(


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