Thursday, June 10, 2010

So much for LOSING weight!

So for the first 8.4285 weeks of my pregnancy I LOST weight.

7.3LBs to be exact.

I was like "WOooooo!"..... Oh wait...?

I think that period is officially OVER.

I kind of can't suck in my "little pooch" as my co-workers so aptly put it.

I can't decide whether I'm just bloated, or if I really am starting to show!?

I think it might be time to start thinking about buying a belly band - (its this sweet little piece of spandex fabric that lets you unbutton your pants so you don't have to buy maternity pants for a while, for those of you not in the know).

I think my little baby thought I wasn't feeling pregnant enough (or the universe wanted to teach me "be careful what you wish for"??)

Either way, I've been feeling decidedly nauseous and icky since the commencement of my 8th week. So much for my NO pregnancy symptoms. Now I get too feel like hurling on top of my blinding headache!

Also my hormones are ALL OVER THE PLACE.

Poor poor Brandon....

He's been really good about it though. He hardly bats an eye anymore when I go from sweet and cuddly to PREGGOSAURUS. And he buys me Pizza and ROOT BEER! Wooooo for Brandon!


  1. Tasman, all you have to do is loop a cheep ol hair rubberband through your button hole and secure around the button. That should give you enough room until maternity pants are warranted.

  2. Bloating is very common in the first trimester.
    And the ol hair tie trick works like a charm! I still do that. The Bella band is good but tends to slip and needs to be adjusted too much.

  3. I already do that! But some of my shirts aren't long enough :(


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