Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sock Monkey!

Okay, so I think there is an eesny weensy tiny possibility that I just might be nesting. SO! I have decided to make a sock monkey.

I don't have a sewing machinge (well I do, several actually, but not a one of them made it on the cross country trip to Hicksville) so I will be making it the old fashioned way!

I am SOOOOOO excited!!

I also found a pattern (I almost said recipe, oops!) for a sock ELEPHANT. Cute!
So now all I have to do is destroy some socks (and maybe a pillow for stuffing!) and voila! a comfort object for the nursery!

We find out on Monday if the little tyke is a boy or a girl, and I can't wait to start getting things ready. People keep asking me what our "theme" is going to be. (Babies come with themes??) I want it to be DINOSAURS. My husband is skeptical of this. He thinks that girls don't like dinosaurs. But I do! I guess I don't count.

<--- This little bugger begs to differ!

I am already toying with the idea of a sockosaurii experiment. I think I'll try my hand at the Monkey just to get the hang of it. Who knows, may be IU (Identity Unknown) will have a sock baby collection. HA! I like the idea of it...


  1. IU...

    Ira Ulric?
    Immanuel Umberto?
    Ignacio Ulysses
    Iggy Udell?

    Irene Ursula?
    Idalia Ulla?
    Isis Urvi (haha!)

    Or you can go completely Hollywood-Androgynous and go with : Imagine Utah... LOL! I worked hard on that one.

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  3. I thought I would return the blog-stalk! Ha ha ha!

    Anyway, reading through your blog, I TOTALLY understand what you are going through. It's like there is a haze around you that is hard to see through and everything feels so hard and your life is miserable. I feel that way too. BUT, this is my fourth, and let me tell you, it DOES go away. :D If you are really concerned, I would talk to your doctor. I wish I had with my last two (I was still in newly-wed bliss when I had my first, so no depression for me, plus I was carrying a boy). I was so miserable. I kind of wonder if it was because of the girl hormones conflicting with mine, I don't know. I have heard different theories about carrying different genders.
    I think very few women experience the glowing joy of motherhood when they are pregnant. I was thrilled when I found out with this pregnancy, but now I am sick, and my hormones are off the wall, and I feel like death is sitting on my head swinging his scythe! :D But, it WILL pass, and you WILL feel better, and you WILL just love your little baby to pieces. And don't be worried if you don't have that automatic "in love" feeling when you see that baby. I didn't, and most people I have talked to didn't either. I felt very paranoid about it, and guilty for a long time, but love is sometimes a gift, and other times it needs to be nurtured.
    Hang in there! I know it is tough, especially when all you want to do is sleep (and that's all I want to do... :D). And if you can, take a nap when you get a moment. It will help SO much!
    P.S. If you are still nauseated, they do have drugs for that, but the side effect is that it will make you really angry. I wish they had told me that before they gave it to me! HA HA HA!


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