Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cloth Diapers??

I want to cloth diaper my child. I was raised changing cloth diapers and I feel this is the responsible ecological thing to do (Not to mention economical).

Yesterday Brandon and I ventured to Target to "register". We have no delusions that we will be able to afford everything that we need. We diligently went up and down every isle scanning items that we thought we would need (and yes, some items that we just liked), and when we got to the end (the diaper isle) we couldn't find any cloth diapers. NONE!

At this point a Target employee happened to be walking by. We asked her if maybe we were looking in the wrong spot. She appeared confused at our request and kept repeating "Cloth diapers?" as if she had heard us wrong. Finally after wandering around lost for 45 minutes (ok seconds) she flagged another employee who after repeating "cloth diapers?" several more times, whipped out his walkee talkee and radioed for help. We were led back a few aisles where we found a cloth diaper.
No I do not exaggerate here. ONE cloth diaper. No they were not sold out. They simply only offer one option. There weren't even diaper pins. Or rubber pants! Unfortunately, this isn't just frustrating for me. It further compounds my husbands belief that formula feeding and disposable diapers are okay. Well no they are not! At least not for me. I know everyone parents differently but I feel so adamant about these two topics. I feel more lenient about the diaper issue, but I don't need some corporation dictating how I parent, and especially not influencing my husband!

Now I know. I know I'm old fashioned. But really people??? I can't conscience forking out thousands of dollars for disposables when I can simply reuse a cloth diaper. Oh my god BABY POOP. For reals folks. I've dealt with worse.

Okay so I figured I would "google" diaper covers. What I found were new fangled reusable diaper "systems". Don't get me wrong these systems are neat. But WHOA $100 for a starter kit? Maybe I'm just cheap (and apparently a little bit delusional), but why can't I just buy rubber pants and some safety pins?

Fortunately for me I'm a bit more resourceful and I found these:

and this little gem:

Fine world! You won't give me my rubber pants?? I'll make my own thank. you. very. much.
Now all I am worried about is my lack of a sewing machine. Hmmmm....


  1. I have seen some really good sites out there that offer cloth diapers and the pants. I'll find some and send you the link!

  2. Hey, they sell them at Wal-Mart! :) At least, they used to... :P


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